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COVID – 19

During this time of growing concern, we believe it is our role and responsibility to prioritize the health, safety and well-being of our patients and our employees.

Like you, we are closely following the news and monitoring the COVID-19 impact on our community. We are committed to continuing to take the necessary and recommended precautions and to stay in communication with you.

Good news! As of 5/11/20, the office has re-opened for business and is fully staffed, although some services may be temporarily limited. However, some things have changed: we have instituted a COVID-19 office safety protocol and we are now offering video and Telemedicine visit options. See below for details.

Since the mission of our office during these challenging times is to ensure the health and safety of our patients, staff and the community we serve, changes may continue to occur as needed. We will keep you posted on this website.

Steps we are taking...

    • Implementing a COVID-19 office protocol.
    • All our employees are following the CDC’s recommended handwashing protocols throughout the day, as well as when handling our equipment and objects in the office.
    • We are requiring all employees and patients who are not feeling well or have any symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath to stay home until they are feeling better and to follow up with their healthcare provider.
    • We are spacing our patients out to avoid other patient interaction.
    • For your convenience, we supply hand sanitizer throughout the office.
    • We are sure to wipe down all our equipment before and after each use, whether it is equipment in the pre-test area or equipment in our exam rooms.
    • We are wiping down and cleaning all frames before and after trial, along with the frame displays.
    • Constant disinfecting of all hard surfaces such as countertops and door handles.
    • Social Contact – we are avoiding shaking hands or having any unnecessary physical contact with staff and patients.
    • All patients are asked to complete a COVID-19 risk questionnaire. Rescheduling may be necessary for those deemed at risk to staff or other patients.
    • We are asking that any patients who need to order contacts to have them direct shipped to their home. Shipping is free for two or more boxes. Please feel free to call us ahead of time if you need to pick up any orders or trial contacts or glasses. Phone messages and office email are checked daily.

Dear Valued Patient,

We want to assure you that all of us at VALENTINE EYE CARE remain here for you and your family during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. We have been adapting the ways in which we care for our patients and maintaining a safe environment for both patients and employees.

Here are some examples:

Single-Visitor Policy

To reduce risk in our offices, we ask that patients come alone or bring no more than one companion with them to their appointment.  Seating will be limited to achieve social distancing.

Masking and Hand Sanitizing

We believe that one of the best ways we can keep our patients and employees safe from Coronavirus transmission is to have everyone in our offices wear face masks and sanitize their hands regularly. Upon entering our facility, you will be provided with a surgical face mask and asked to sanitize your hands. If you come with your own mask, we will ask you to wear the one we provide. When you leave you can put your own mask back on or continue to use the one we provided.

Video Visits & Telemedicine

Talking with your eye doctor through a secure video connection is a great way to get timely and needed care safely.   While the pandemic kick-started this new offering, we will continue to include Video & Telemedicine visits as part of our array of eye care services even after the risks of Coronavirus decrease.

Like anything new, Video & Telemedicine visits may cause you some concern or anxiety. Below is some information you may find helpful in understanding how Video & Telemedicine visits work and why they can be very effective.

  •   Video & Telemedicine visits are suggested only when your doctor feels your symptoms or condition can be safely addressed in a this platform.
  •   Critical aspects of a traditional “exam” visit—like a review of current medical problems, medication lists, new symptoms, change in family history or health habits—can be accomplished in a Video & Telemedicine visit. The actual physical exam is a small part of the value of these visits, and could be conducted at a later time, if needed.
  •   VALENTINE EYE CARE  uses secure video technology that complies with Federal HIPAA security regulations.
  •   Video & Telemedicine visits can be effective for both adult and pediatric care.
  •   Through these visits, providers can do much of the same work they can do in the office, including:
  •   Observing how a patient looks
  •   Asking questions about medications, health history, and changes in health status, concerns
  •   Providing medical advice
  •   Documenting care in the electronic medical record
  •   Scheduling necessary tests and follow-up office visits
  •   Prescribing medication
  •   If you are not comfortable with technology, don’t worry! Our staff will help you prepare for a Video & Telemedicine visit.
  •   While many insurers are waiving co-pays for Video & Telemedicine visits, you can call your insurance company to understand how it is addressing these new type visits.

If at any time your provider feels you or your child must be seen in the office or that tests must be performed, you will be asked to schedule a traditional, in-office visit. You can trust us to follow strict safety protocols to keep you and your family safe, including optimal use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for patients and employees.  It remains very important that you be seen in our office when an in-person visit is recommended by the doctor.

Important Reminders

  •   While the spread of Coronavirus remains a concern, it is more important than ever to save the Emergency Room for true emergencies:  Severe eye injury, sudden complete loss of vision, extreme eye pain, etc.
  •   We urge you to follow local and state and federal (CDC) safety guidelines, particularly if you are in a high-risk group.

We understand these are challenging times! Please know that VALENTINE EYE CARE is here to care for you.  Please continue to visit our website to get the latest information about how  VALENTINE EYE CARE is responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We wish you the best of health.

Thank you,

Your VALENTINE EYE CARE Vision Care Team


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